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Tis The Season To Gift (Or Get) A Golf Lesson!

Posted byBy Skillest Staff

Need A Last Minute Gift Idea?

It’s not always easy to buy a gift for a fellow golfer. If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift, why not get them a golf lesson with a world-class golf instructor?

Remember to use promo code: GIFT at checkout to save 20% off your gift purchase.

To buy a gift lesson…

  • Visit the coaches page.
  • Choose a coach to buy a lesson from.
  • Then look for the Buy Gift Voucher option.
    Remember to use the code: GIFT at checkout to save 20%

Want A Golf Lesson As A Gift For Yourself?

Your list to Santa probably has the usual: balls, tees, a shirt, and if you’re on the nice list, maybe even that new driver you’ve been eyeing!

But there’s one thing to add to your list that will make the biggest difference in your game: Golf lessons!

Don’t be shy. Ask your friends and family to get you a golf lesson as a gift instead!

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