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The way you practice has changed forever!

Posted byBy Toby McGeachie

This is not just another post on a swing tip that is going to improve your golf swing. But more to offer insight into how changing the way you learn can trigger some improvement. 

So first hear me out, I most likely know your situation, you play golf on a Saturday pick up your score card and ask the head pro for a hot tip. You try to fit in a range session once a week after work and this all depends on time. If you are lucky you might get to squeeze in an emergency range session on a Friday afternoon looking for the feel of a post you saw on instagram, Youtube, or a golf lesson you had 2 months ago.

Myself, I’m a PGA Professional golf coach using Skillest and I have come to realise that the world is changing and so is they way we consume our instruction. I don’t ever encourage my players to go to the range for 2 hours a day blasting balls but instead we spread the time over the week training at home with a set plan.

You have read what the old practice strategy looks like above but see below for a few ways on how my monthly subscribers train in today’s world using technology.

Here’s what to do….

⁃ Firstly the players have direction of what to train as there is a process. (No time is wasted)
⁃ Drills at home using foam or plastic balls (20mins max)
⁃ Dry swings in front of a mirror
⁃ Hitting balls in to a net in the garage
⁃ Driving range sessions
⁃ Send me on course videos
⁃ Access to my subscriber videos
⁃ Check in via the Skillest app unlimited times asking me all types of questions, surrounding technique, short game, putting, course strategy, etc.

You know when you have a question, you then google it to find the first answer and settle on that? Well, my players check in with me from their kitchen, office, train, bus, kids soccer matches just about everywhere! They simply prop their phone on their kitchen table to film them swinging an umbrella, it‘s hilarious and awesome! Where you source your information from is important we understand that but it needs to have a plan along with consistency behind it.

Lastly, I love online coaching it‘s lot’s of fun! I have seen incredible results with my students. What also makes me feel at ease is the cost effective nature of online golf lessons. My players pay for one month roughly what I charge an hour face to face and there learning experience is so much more interactive and in their own time. Teaching on Skillest has not only made my life better but it has completely opened my eyes to what is truly a better way to

Remember smashing dodgy range balls at that overpriced range isn’t your only option.

You can learn from Toby on Skillest right now. Just head straight to his profile for all of his customised wisdom.

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