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Maximize Your Golf Game: A Deep Dive into Lee Trevino’s Tips

Explore in depth advice from the legendary golfer, Lee Trevino, as we break down his unique techniques. Learn about his innovative grip checks, ways to hit straighter, gain more distance, and improve your overall golf game.

Introduction to Lee Trevino’s Techniques

Who is Lee Trevino?

Enter the world of golf and you can’t miss the name Lee Trevino. Born in 1939, Lee Buck Trevino became one of golf’s dominants during the late 1960s and early 1970s. With his charismatic personality and inventive play style, Trevino, fondly named ‘The Merry Mex’ and ‘Supermex’, took the golf world by storm.

Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

His story of growth from a farmworker to a golfing sensation is as inspiring as it gets. Despite his humble beginnings, Trevino’s dedication to the sport and his relentless practice turned him into a phenomenon. With six Major victories and a place in the World Golf Hall of Fame, Lee Trevino is indeed a master of masters in Golf.

Overview of Lee Trevino’s Golfing Techniques

Trevino’s golfing prowess came from his unique techniques and approaches to the game which garnered as much attention as his charismatic personality. His ‘Figure 8’ swing, the anticipation in his hits, and his unorthodox yet effective grip strategy have been the focal points of many discussions among golfing enthusiasts and beginners alike. His advice on ball striking, short-game tricks, and the mental aspects of Golf are gold dust any golfer would love to possess.

Fixing Your Slice with Trevino’s Tips

# 1 – Understanding The ‘Figure 8’ Swing

Ever wondered about the legendary ‘Figure 8’ swing? This swing is a cornerstone of Trevino’s technique. This approach ensures even distribution throughout the swing, reducing the chances of a slice or mishit.

#2 – Practical Steps to Implement the Technique

  1. Neutral Grip – Start with a neutral golf grip.
  2. Clubface Adjustment – Make sure your clubface is standard at impact.
  3. Consistent Plane – From your backswing to your follow-through, make a conscious effort to visualize your swing motion forming a ‘Figure 8’.

Gaining More Distance and Accuracy

Trevino’s approach to the swing incorporated a concept he called the ‘anticipation of the hit’. Simply put, this technique involves delaying the release of energy till the last possible moment, resulting in an explosive impact.

Lee Trevino Golf Swing Clip, via

#3 – Practical Tips for Gaining More Distance

  1. Wait for the Hit – Retain wrist hinge till the downward swing phase, then unleash the power all at once.
  2. Retain the Angle – Keep the angle between your left arm and the club shaft intact as long as possible during the downswing.
  3. Drive the Legs and Hips – Incorporate more power by driving your hips and legs towards the target as you swing.

A balanced swing leads to a controlled, aligned shot, hitting the sweet spot in the direction you desire.

Improving Your Grip with Lee Trevino’s Tips

Your grip can make or break your game. Trevino highlighted grip strength and positioning as critical factors in golfing success.

#4 – Trevino’s Technique for Checking and Improving Your Grip

  • No Squeezing – Avoid gripping the club too tightly.
  • Positioning Matters – The club should sit diagonally across the fingers of your top (left for right-handed players) hand.
  • Getting Pressure Right – Most of the grip pressure should come from the last three fingers of the top hand and first two of the bottom hand.

Gripping too tightly, not aligning the club properly, or using palm grip are common mistakes. Use the fingers more than the palm for grip and ensuring the clubface is square at address.

Enhancing Ball Striking with Trevino’s Advice

Solid contact, as emphasized by Trevino, can transform the game, leading to optimal ball flight and control.

#5 – Mastering Trevino’s Technique for Better Ball Striking

  • Hands Lead the Clubface – Ensure your hands always stay ahead of the clubface at impact.
  • Inside-Out Swing Path – Your swing path should follow an inside-out trajectory.

Don’t underestimate the short game. Practice those chip shots, perfect your pitching, and don’t underestimate the value of a well-executed bunker shot.

Conclusion: Applying Lee Trevino’s Tips to Your Own Game

We’ve learned the ‘Figure 8’ swing, a well-balanced and efficient swing for distance and accuracy, Trevino’s grip technique, and his advice on ball striking.

Remember to start slow, gradually challenging yourself as you get the hang of each technique. Trevino fueled his game with repetition, continuity, and time to mold his skills.

So why wait? amp up your practice sessions, venture onto the golf course, and feel the Trevino magic at play!. As Trevino said, “I’m not out there just to be dancing around. I expect to win every time I tee up.” So, let’s swing to win!

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