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Irish Open winner Lucas Herbert swing analysis

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

After winning the Irish Open this weekend Lucas Herbert is without a doubt one of the up and coming superstars of the game. But you could say that he has done it in quite an unorthodox fashion. His swing is uniquely his and when many coaches would have broken his swing down and removed all of the idiosyncrasies, Lucas’ swing has been slowly and gradually modified to protect against removing the magic and mercurial nature of his game.

The man responsible for this gradual change is his life long coach Dom Azzopardi. The two of them met on a cold winter’s day in Ballarat, Australia. Lucas was a 14 year old with truckloads of talent but needed a little guidance. So he strolled into his club pro shop and asked if the Head Pro could watch him his a few shots. Ten years later they are looking to take over the golfing world.

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