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Discover the Magic of Rickie Fowler’s Putting Skills

Posted byBy John Austin

Acquire golfing skills on a whole new level by delving into Rickie Fowler’s putting techniques. Embrace his method to significantly advance your putting game.

Golf is a lot like painting—a golfer’s skill in putting can make their game a masterpiece. When it comes to putting, golf pros like Rickie Fowler are the Picassos of the green. By observing Fowler’s technique and trying to decode his strategies, casual golfers can learn a thing or two to spruce up their own game. Rickie Fowler, known for his superior putting game, is an open book filled with lessons that can help us tweak, polish, and ultimately level up our putting abilities.

Unlocking the Secret of Fowler’s Grip Techniques

First things first, let’s chat about how Rickie Fowler grips his putter, because this is where the magic really begins. Fowler’s got a unique way of holding his putter, where he keeps his hands really close together. This might sound a bit odd, but this small tweak has played a big role in his putting success.

To get that Rickie Fowler signature grip, follow these steps:

  1. Position your hands close together on the putter grip.
  2. Interlock your fingers so the grip rests in the palms of your hands.
  3. Ensure your grip is firm but relaxed, allowing the putter to swing freely and maintain a steady tempo.

Remember, a tight grip can hinder the club’s free swing. So let your putter swing freely just like Fowler does, for a smoother, more consistent shot, and less rotation of the clubface.

The Magic of the Triangle in Fowler’s Putting Game

The second golden nugget from Fowler’s toolbox is what’s known as ‘maintaining the triangle.’ This triangle isn’t a mysterious symbol—it’s simply the area between your forearms and the putter grip. This triangle can act like your guardian angel, helping you avoid any missteps during your shots.

By holding your putter in your palms, just like Fowler does, you can keep the triangle intact during your putt, which in turn helps you get more consistent results.

Fowler’s Way of Guiding the Putter Head

Fowler’s unique approach to guiding the putter head can offer some useful insights on how to revamp your putting style. Fowler pushes his putters straight down the line, letting the face of the putter close gradually. To mimic this, practice with an alignment rod and some gates along it, making sure not to hit the gates.

Fowler’s Journey to Perfect His Putting Game

Fowler himself has been open about how he’s changed his putting technique over time. He once admitted, “I’ve been, over the last few years, not putting how I’m used to, or how I want to, by any means.” He shared this with at The American Express, adding, “I’m not changing stroke-wise or setup, not gripping anything differently than my normal length putter. I just feel like it’s, I don’t know, kind of helping me do some things, and I don’t have to think about it.”

Fowler’s willingness to break out of his comfort zone, to experiment and innovate, is really worth appreciating. And clearly, his bravery has paid off, as his putting game has improved leaps and bounds.

Gleaning Wisdom from Rickie Fowler’s Record-Breaking Performances

In the 2023 U.S. Open, Fowler set the green on fire by scoring a record low round of 62. This record was later matched by Xander Schauffele, another talented golfer. Fowler dazzled with a whopping ten birdies, marking a career-defining moment.

In a nutshell, Rickie Fowler’s putting techniques are a treasure chest of lessons for anyone hoping to level up their golf game. By adopting his unique grip style, mastering the triangle, and learning to guide the putter head just right, you can aim for some spectacular results.

Remember, golf is not just about the power you put into your swing—it’s also about understanding the small yet crucial techniques that make pros like Fowler shine. Incorporating these techniques into your practice can transform your game and make your time on the course all the more rewarding. So, channel your inner Fowler, and let the magic unfold on the green!

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