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Skillest on the Me and My Golf podcast

Posted byBy Baden Schaff

Skillest founder Baden Schaff has been friends with Andy and Piers from Me and My Golf for some time now. As leaders in the digital golf coaching space they are always discussing where the future of game improvement lies. Thus, they thought it might be time to do a podcast about it.

In this podcast Baden gives the most detailed description of where Skillest has come from and where it is going. He also makes some big predictions on the future. A future where students have a 24×7 digital consultant ( golf coach) that supports their swing changes, analyses their data and even has a VR experience with them, all completely remotely. Gone are the days of a pro leaning on a 7 iron barking instructions at a player 5 metres away In a “once in a while” golf lesson format. The future is coming like a freight train. Listen up and enjoy!

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