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How Many Golf Lessons Should I Take?

Posted byBy Brian Park

So you’re ready to improve your golf game with lessons, but you’re unsure how to go about the whole process. How many golf lessons should you take for how long, and what can you expect from them? Well, the answer is twofold. Below we’ve outlined the traditional approach to golf lessons along with a revolutionary way that makes getting good at golf a whole lot easier. Keep reading! 

How Many Golf Lessons Should I Take as a New Golfer?

When new to the game of golf, it’s a good idea to take a few lessons and get some practice on the range before attempting a round on the course. That’s because golf course etiquette is complicated, and you want to make sure you won’t be holding up other players or leaving huge divots and ball marks on each hole. 

As a beginner, you should plan on taking at least three lessons before playing a full round. This gives you the chance to get the basics of a swing down and learn how to chip and putt before you play and keep score.  

How Many Golf Lessons Should I Take as an Experienced Golfer?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic number of golf lessons that will take you from an average player to a scratch golfer. Sometimes all you need is one quick adjustment that fixes a hitch in your swing, other times it will take a month of weekly lessons to see results. The golf lesson journey is different for each player. 

The problem is, with the traditional golf lesson model, it can be tricky to schedule frequent lessons. If access to regular golf lessons in your area is limited, that problem can hinder your progress. Luckily, there’s a solution. 

Golf Lessons the Traditional Way

Traditionally, golf lessons were offered by pros at golf clubs or driving ranges. Here is what you could expect from golf lessons in the past:

  • A Commute to Your Lessons. Taking golf lessons may be convenient if you live right near a course, but what if a long drive stands between you and the nearest golf pro who offers lessons? Suddenly, you need to factor in a commute, which might affect your motivation or ability to take regular lessons. 
  • Hard to Find the Right Fit. Not all golf teachers are created equal. Each one has a unique approach to the game and how to help their students improve, and not every teaching style will be a perfect fit for you. In the past, if the golf teacher you took lessons from didn’t help your game or gave advice in a way you struggled to follow, your options to switch coaches were limited. 
  • In-Person Lessons. The old way to go about golf lessons was to get them in-person. This could lead to scheduling issues, making it harder to count on regular lessons. When your golf lessons are infrequent, it’s easier to develop bad habits or lose your way, preventing changes from sinking in. 
  • Length of Lessons. In the past, golf lessons were around 30 minutes or an hour long. When you include travel time, this could take 2 hours out of your day. If the time commitment held you back from getting lessons, you may have sacrificed your growth in the game. 
  • Hard to Ask Follow-Up Questions. Maybe your golf teacher gave you a new grip, but a few days later you forgot exactly what the grip was supposed to be, or maybe out of the blue you developed a hook or a slice. With the traditional golf lesson model, you didn’t have the option of reaching out to your coach with questions, and had to wait for the next lesson. This was inconvenient at best!

Golf Lessons the Skillest Way

If golf lessons the traditional way sound frustrating and ineffective it’s because they really could be. Luckily, there’s a new way to go about improving your golf game, and that’s the Skillest Way. Here are a few ways in which Skillest makes golf lessons easier than ever before:

  • Commute-Free. With Skillest, you no longer have to worry about finding a golf teacher in your area. Golf coaches from all over are available through the app, so you can even get tips to improve your swing from your backyard. No need to go anywhere!
  • Frequent Communication. Struggling with a change that you made during a golf lesson or has a new problem popped up? Through Skillest you have 24/7 access to help, and can communicate frequently with your coach, getting feedback and answers to all your questions every few days. 
  • Lots of Pros to Choose From. No need to deal with a coach whose style doesn’t work for you when you use Skillest. That’s because the platform features dozens of golf professionals. You can find a coach who suits you best and has availability to match yours.
  • Practice on Your Own Time. Gone are the days of adapting your schedule to squeeze in golf lessons. Choose when you want to practice and where, and then talk to your coach and send videos through the Skillest app.
  • Fast and Easy. If you’re short on time, you can easily improve your golf game without scheduling a 30-minute or hour-long golf lesson. It takes about one minute to film your golf swing and send it to your coach on Skillest, then you get customized advice and detailed video analysis that you can come back to any time when you need a reminder. 


Taking golf lessons is an important strategy when you’re trying to improve your game. How many lessons you should take depends on a few factors, such as your handicap and what you’re hoping to gain from coaching. Traditionally, it was hard to manage a regular schedule of lessons due to the complications of finding a coach and meeting in person. 

 Skillest provides a whole new way to go about getting golf lessons, so you can get help with your golf game in the most efficient and convenient way possible. Download the app and try today!

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