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Terms to know before taking a golf lesson

Taking a golf lesson has never been easier thanks to Skillest. The ability to communicate with the best coaches from around the world entirely remotely makes improving your game a reality. Although our coaches break down lessons in easy-to-understand ways, it’s always good to know some terminology heading into a lesson. A Alignment Stick: Simple…

Posted byBy Skillest Staff

How a Busy Amateur Golfer Used Online Golf Lessons to Get Even Better in His 30s

Amateur golfer Andrew McDonald lives a seriously busy lifestyle. Between working in technical operations for Apple, planning his upcoming wedding, and recently moving to Texas, it’s hard to think he’s got time for anything else. But thanks to remote lessons on Skillest, he still finds time to significantly improve his golf game with help from…

Posted byBy Zach Gray

Sean Foley opens up on coaching Tiger Woods

One of the biggest names in golf instruction, Sean Foley has coached some of the Tour’s top golfers, including Justin Rose, Danny Willett, Cameron Champ and coached Tiger Woods from 2010 to 2014. He has been voted as the top golf teacher in the world by players on the PGA Tour. Sean joined The Skillest…

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Coach Profile: Jordan Bazzone

Imagine dropping out of school as a teenager, then working part time at a golf retail store, eventually putting enough work into the game to consider playing full time, and finally becoming a coach at a prestigious club? It’s an unconventional journey, but the exact one Jordan Bazzone took to get to where he is…

Posted byBy Zach Gray

Coach Profile: Alex Clapp

From starting at age 10 in England, to playing college golf in Florida, then turning pro, but walking away from the game after, and finally returning to the game as an amateur and coach. Alex Clapp has had quite the golf journey, and is enjoying his time helping others improve their game. With over 1,300…

Posted byBy Zach Gray