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Key steps to creating a successful Skillest account: Step 6

Social Media 

Building a strong social media presence is critical for not only growing a large Skillest business but for also scaling every part of your coaching business. It should be a huge priority if you are trying to build a business beyond your hourly rate at your academy. It will be a constant source of students that you can teach on Skillest 

  1. Don’t make the mistake of activating your account and saying “Now available for online lessons”. You need to show your followers what online lessons are, how they work and what the benefits are. The most successful coaches on Skillest are relentless in the messaging on their social channels. 
  2. Use the content from your lessons to create content for all of your channels. 
  3. Collaborate with other coaches to gain exposure
  4. Collaborate with Skillest on Instagram. When you create a great piece of content be sure to “collaborate” and “tag” us. Just like Alex Riggs has in this post. . Then the post will appear in both accounts. It’s a great way to gain exposure for your account. 
  5. Share your lessons with the new “share lesson” feature. In each lesson you will see a Share button near the top of the lesson.
  6. Using the student testimonial tiles for social proof. Show the world what your students are saying about you.
  7. The more your followers see others learning from you the more social proof and the less risky a purchase will appear.