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Key steps to creating a successful Skillest account: Step 5

How to conduct a lesson

  1. It is critical that you use Skillest in the way it was designed and what is best for the student. Remember, Skillest is not just about Swing analysis, once you gain a student you become their digital consultant on all things golf.
  2. REDUCE FRICTION. When students think about sending their swing they often think that they need to be on the course or driving range to get footage. But this creates so much friction that students never get around to uploading footage. Tell students that footage from their backyard or loungeroom is enough. We want fast feedback loops for your students to have a successful experience. If the only time you’re interacting is from the course then that feedback loop is too long.
  3. If you are giving a student a one off lesson you must use this opportunity to to only give them great information but to also show them what is possible with subscriptions. Be sure to prescribe drills, set goals, formulate plans
  4. If you have subscriptions be sure to give students actionable information. Try to avoid giving students a 30 swing analysis. A swing analysis may be interesting but they aren’t necessarily helpful. Students just need to know the next most important thing to work on. Remember…. That advantage to subscriptions is that there is no need to overwhelm students. Information can be passed on over time. DON’T try to show students how much you know, give them what is relevant to them. 
  5. Retaining students is about giving them clear instructions and expectations. Students always want to know what the next steps are. When do you want them to send more footage? What should be in that footage? Drills, full swing? On course, in their garden? If students know what their next move is and what’s expected of them they will stay forever!